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Periodically transforming your business to achieve a step change in efficiency and effectiveness is a healthy activity for all organisations. XylaWorks research suggests benefits are maximised when transformation is conducted every 5 to 7 years for the majority of organisations, supported by an on-going Continuous Improvement program in the years between each Transformation phase.

Simply changing structure/processes/systems is insufficient in itself to deliver a sustained step change in performance. Genuine transformation needs to include cultural change, as your people think and act differently. Unless the underlying values within the organisation are aligned to the transformed way of thinking, existing behaviours will quickly re-emerge.

XylaWorks has assisted many small business, private, government and government owned entities to establish the right transformation programs to deliver strategic objectives. Our team can lead delivery of the transformation, assist in supporting transformational activities, or to mentor your people to successfully run the program. Whatever your desired approach, our proven transformation services methodologies include programs for Enterprise, Operations or Functional areas and our team have the expertise and experience to reliably deliver your benefits.

Top 3 Secrets for success

  1. Ensure your transformation program has measurable business goals;
  2. You MUST demonstrate to staff that the desired changes are compatible with the existing organisation’s values;
  3. Align your performance measurement system, accountabilities, and reward/recognition system to give a consistent message to management and staff alike.

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