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Portfolio, Program and Project Management is a highly specialised area in many organisations. It can pertain to identification and delivery of a Strategic Portfolio of Programs and Projects that collectively deliver Strategy, or focus on specific functions such as Marketing, Execution, Performance and Project Management.

Our research into emerging best practice gives you the greater confidence that you have selected the optimal portfolio of programs/projects. Secondly, you benefit from our tried and proven approaches for initiating, managing and delivering programs and projects that yield much higher benefits and cost control.

Finally, projects these days rarely require a single discipline. At XylaWorks, we have highly experienced multi-disciplinary program and project practitioners, as well as single focus specialists to ensure our clients benefit from fully integrated structure/people/process/system change.

We can assist you to define, prioritise and deliver your portfolio or projects, single programs, or a project. We provide more flexible engagement options from turn-key solutions, through to mentoring and developing your people to deliver. We can also assist you in select, negotiate and manage Vendors, ensuring you gain the level of service required and that your vendor relationship remains balanced over time.

Top 3 Secrets for success

  1. Select the optimal set of programs and projects: It can be tempting for an Executive Team to simply review a list of proposed projects and choose individual projects that generate value and that you can afford. However, our research shows two major limitations: Firstly, this “bottom up” approach is unlikely to deliver strategic outcomes, and secondly, it is typically based on the assumption that affordability is the primary constraint, when the reality is often that aggregate impact to customers or operations needs to be considered in sequencing the projects and optimising benefits.
  2. Identify benefits and those people responsible for realising these at Business Case stage, and then set specific targets in project initiation. It is harder to build emotional commitment to benefits after the project is up and running.
  3. Ensure clarity of governance with Single Point Accountability at each point in time. This includes best practice reporting that effectively marries physical progress with (financial) resource consumption and quality metrics.

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