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Performance Improvement Programs can be either a one-off exercise or you can build an internal capability in the business to drive operational improvements in an on-going basis.

A one-off exercise is typically a Review that contains both a Diagnostic and Implementation Blueprint to identify the specific Actions to deliver improvements in your focus areas, such as customer service, quality, productivity, cost reduction or asset management.

The alternative to a one-off exercise is to build an internal performance improvement capacity. This can be as simple as establishing a Continuous Improvement Program to harness the creative talent and innovation within your workforce in an on-going basis. In this process you invite staff to volunteer and partake in regular meetings to identify performance challenges/opportunities, analyse the problem, and then recommend changes to management. These people are trained in a range of simple analysis techniques and are initially mentored by specialists.

XylaWorks has specialist consultants and best practice methodologies to deliver sustained performance improvement in a one-off Review and/or in building internal capability. Our Programs are tailored to your specific needs to deliver your required outcomes, and we draw upon a broad range of techniques including Six Sigma, LEAN, Workout and hybrid models to create results fast.

Top 3 Secrets for success

  1. Ensure your Review or Continuous Improvement Program is a genuine collaboration with staff, as they will need to own and support implementation of changes.
  2. Look for ways to acknowledge and reward participants who identify good ideas that are implemented.
  3. Consider your choice of performance improvement techniques carefully as it must be suited to your challenge, time frame, culture and maturity.

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