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The last decade has seen an evolution of human resource functions within organisations: acknowledging a more proactive role in supporting an efficient, effective, highly capable and engaged workforce. The management rhetoric of "our people are our greatest asset" remains as valued today as ever. Alignment between this intent and the action appropriate to bring it into practice remains elusive. Leadership teams across the country underestimate the challenges with proactively shaping culture to deliver strategic priorities, and accordingly we have observed that many cultures have become highly resilient to change.

Most organisations invest in transactional change when only transformational change can win them the needed performance improvement to ensure continuing operations into the future.

XylaWorks research and pragmatic experience benefits our clients as we know how to deliver cultural change by demonstrating how the new culture is compatible with, and a logical extension of, existing organisational values and beliefs. We know cultural change is best delivered through a transformation program, grounded in clear business outcomes.  We have built organisational partnerships that align management practice with organisational intent and individual motivation providing opportunity for enterprise performance improvement over time.

Our experience encompasses the provision of advice and guidance on structure, positions, transformational and cultural change, assisting employees to continually build capability in areas such as customer and business needs, and supporting the adoption of new technologies from mobile devices through to improved corporate systems.

Top 3 Secrets for success

  1. Do not implement a cultural change program by itself, as it should be part of a staged transformation program with clear business outcomes, supported by disciplined communication and cultural change elements.
  2. Increased competition is forcing organisations to either become more efficient or go out of business. Have genuine conversations with internal stakeholders to foster a partnership, breaking away from historical “us” and “them” approaches is a key to survival.
  3. Employees must be given visibility of decisions on structure, positions, promotions and other dimensions in order for them buy-in to where their organisation is going. Transparency and effective communication is the key.

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