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XylaWorks is an experienced and proven provider of consulting services. XylaWorks offers a full range of marketing, marketing automation and management consulting services to our clients. We have focused our resources in several key areas:

  • Process Re-design and Change Management: We focus on leveraging ‘best practices’ to guide the transformation of client business and processes to better support organizational goals. We have helped streamline a large variety of organizational processes to better support their growing and evolving stakeholder demands.
  • Strategic Assessment and Planning: We have led engagements with a wide variety of organizations in helping them understand how to more effectively use technology to achieve their objectives. This work has frequently included technology assessments (People/Process/Technology), strategic technology planning, vendor/package selection, peer benchmarking, visioning, strategy development and strategic initiative selection, prioritization and planning.
  • Product/Package and Consulting Selection and Acquisition: We focus on helping clients in all phases of selecting and acquiring a new product or software package and the associated consulting services. We have done engagements for many products/technologies. We approach these projects as a multi-phased effort: Requirements Definition to define the RFP requirements to meet the organizational needs and to support the new business processes; RFP Development to help clients write the detailed RFP specification needed to select a vendor; and RFP Support to help clients through the vendor selection and contract negotiations processes.
  • Independent Project Audit/Review (IPA): On highly complex projects, large numbers of client and vendor staff are involved in a long term project that involves a large number of inter-related tasks. Even with the best intentions by all parties, projects can get derailed. Derailed projects can cost the institution significant additional money and time. Our Independent Project Audit services provide a holistic review of the project from three perspectives: People (including Change Management and Governance); Process; and Technology. The goals of our Independent Project Audits are: Provide senior management with an unbiased view of the project from both the client and vendor perspectives; Evaluate project progress toward time and cost expectations; and Identify potential project risks and mitigation strategies.
  • Project Management Office (PMO): We have worked with several institutions in establishing Project Management Offices to manage major projects. PMO’s are most effective when an organization has a large multi-year project or several major projects. We provide consulting support for establishing a project management office’s structure, metrics and skills planning. Additionally, we have providing on-going project office resources to manage the PMO. This has been particularly effective when institutions don’t have the internal resources to effectively manage large projects and external vendors.
  • Organizational Assessment/Re-Alignment: We have worked with a variety of campuses in assessing the staff needs of the organization and the resources available across the organization. We use this information to realign the roles and responsibilities of the staff and have helped to refocus managers and employees to their new roles and, when necessary, to a new organizational culture.

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