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XylaWorks is Your Competitive Advantage

XylaWorks commenced on a solid base. At the time of start-up in 2001, we undertook market research through over fifty interviews with leading executives, mostly at CEO, CFO, CIO or General Manager level to gain an appreciation of market beliefs and needs. The results provided six clear messages which has focused our professional services:

A number of consulting firms have good reputations in specific functional disciplines, but there did not seem to be a local firm who provided end-to-end assistance with developing strategy and translating that into reality.

Business values a trusted management advisor they can count on to act in their best interests, fostering longer term relationships and not chasing short term revenue. Business also wants low turnover of consulting staff so they are not constantly explaining their business to new people and paying for them to climb the learning curve.

Business is complex, but solutions often involve the simplification of processes across functional areas to optimise teams, process, and technology. Successful change is often linked to strong organisational change management skills and so multi-disciplinary consultants are needed, rather than single-product consultants.

Executives and senior managers want highly experienced consultants working with them to understand their issues/opportunities, culture and maturity before crafting a solution. Business also want implementation resourcing options which include: turnkey solutions, blended teams with their people augmented with consultants, or to do it themselves, with the consultants coordinating/reviewing the work.

XylaWorks was forged from the above. We focus on converting Strategy Into Action; have a Value Set to provide Insight, Integrity and Value on all assignments; the majority of our team members have 20 years multi-disciplinary experience; and our average assignments per client is approximately five, demonstrating that we consistently provide value...

Do any of these points ring true for you?

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