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Solutions for Transportation by XylaWorks

Of all business industries that manage large volumes of information, not to mention product, transportation and logistics businesses need a reliable, centralized data system in order to successfully deliver every time. XylaWorks understands the workflow and real-time communications needed in these industries. We've help transportation and logistics businesses successfully strategize, plan and implement customized CRM systems to ensure contract management and real time quoting is documented and well-managed. And, there is more to CRM for transportation and logistics executives and their operations managers. Marketing and sales departments are now able to better automate workflows and gain actionable insight into pipeline expectations.

XylaWorks can help you find the right CRM solution if your transportation or logistics business has experienced any of these issues.

  • Losing contract deals due to lack of sales or management oversight
  • Poor visibility into daily sales interactions with clients
  • Poor visibility into the opportunity pipeline, leading to underutilization of capacity
  • Losing time and resources due to overloaded workflows
  • Losing revenue shipments due to lack of real-time communications and quoting
  • Losing customers due to poor communication around service failures
  • Declining number of prospect clients due to poor marketing management

With the right CRM system properly implemented, the probability of securing and nurturing long-term clients increases dramatically. In addition, if your transportation and logistics company is looking to have a more holistic view of each client relationship, it's time to begin planning on updating your current process.

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