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Solutions for Non-Profits by XylaWorks

XylaWorks believes the nonprofit sector is as equally important when it comes to improving workflow and collaboration to serve the needs of their donors. We've helped many nonprofits solve many business related issues to improve fundraising and donor support.

  • Donor Relationships: Most nonprofits acquire funding from existing donor relationships. The challenge in fundraising is building on those relationships so that the donors feel as if they are more than just a dollar sign. Our team has worked with many nonprofits to apply database technology to maintain those mission critical relationships.
  • Traditional and Digital Integration: While a majority of donations still arrive from traditional means of fundraising channels, our team has been successful in helping nonprofits leverage the power of digital integration. From your website to email campaigns to social media, XylaWorks can help your nonprofit maintain donor relationships both online and offline with a customized centralized database.
  • Affordability: With respect to the financials, many database solutions are available at a discount to nonprofit organizations. Our team has seen many "home-grown" database systems created by the reality of available funds. The truth is, there are affordable solutions beyond an Excel spreadsheet, and we can help your nonprofit increase fundraising by applying affordable technology.

We've worked with many nonprofits to improve donor relationships by implementing a more reliable means of maintaining donor data. If you're interested in learning more about how we can help your nonprofit implement a more reliable CRM system, and stay within your budget, contact XylaWorks now to schedule your complimentary 30 minute consultation.

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