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The life sciences industries are increasingly challenged by compliance and privacy regulations, reporting requirements, and the ability to manage their mobile workforce. XylaWorks offers solutions to address these critical issues to help your business grow. From sales force automation, call center operations, and other business critical processes, such as clinical trials, reimbursement management, payer and provider management, and expense reporting, we've successfully solved workflow issues for a variety life sciences companies.


  • Relationship and Patient Management: Our team understands the balance between privacy and data when it comes to communicating with patients and doctors. We can help your business deploy the right technology to continue building successful relationships with your client base via a secure, centralized database.
  • Mobile Workforce: Quickly generate contracts, track events, schedule resources and report on availability and productivity. With centralized data and better inventory tracking, XylaWorks has helped many life science businesses equip their mobile teams with real-time information. In addition, accounting departments increase workflow and efficiency with the ability to track sales from a centralized system.
  • Social CRM and Compliance: Social data is becoming more critical to enhancing relationships, and remaining compliant online while you collect critical data for your business is essential. XylaWorks has helped many businesses deploy the right technology to manage their social channels and remain compliant to industry regulations.

In order to remain on the cutting-edge, life science businesses need a reliable partner to help implement the right solutions in a rapidly evolving market place. For more information, please contact us for a complimentary, one-hour consultation.

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