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Endless advances in technology and a growing demand for non-traditional learning opportunities continue to drive the growth of both traditional and online learning programs. As a result, traditional universities face increasing pressure to develop online degree programs and single course offerings. In addition, traditional programs are pressured to evolve their ability to market to include the multi-channel needs of students.

When you partner with XylaWorks, our responsibility becomes helping you succeed. We make time with you to define your goals and to provide the consulting and technology to address them. We offer this continuous review and improvement in each of our core services.

Services Include:

  • Market Research & Program Readiness. Our data-driven market feasibility analysis thoroughly examines your prospective student base and gathers a wealth of data in advance of any program launch. The information gets compiled into a comprehensive study, which includes an expected student enrollment model featuring lead and conversion rates projected term by term.
  • Assessing your institution's infrastructure. Having the infrastructure and specialized processes in place to handle an expansion is critical to the success of any educational institution. We perform a program readiness assessment prior to or in conjunction with the institutional readiness assessment to ensure your organization is optimized for quality outcomes.
  • Innovative Marketing. Ask yourself, "What separates our institution from our competitors'?" You may know the answer, but for many, the differences aren't always clear. Marketing plays an important role in generating leads and enrolling qualified students. And in this landscape, you'll need high-energy, talented marketers running sophisticated, state-of-the-art campaigns to succeed. That's why we create all marketing to match your brand, vision, and voice.

    We schedule and track our campaigns and communications to ensure a steady flow of predictable, high-quality enrollments. In addition to determining and addressing the target audience, we use the following tactics when marketing to college prospects:

    • Web Sites and Event Sites
    • Event Management
    • Database marketing
    • Digital marketing
    • Direct response marketing
    • Email marketing
    • Online educational directories
    • Paid search
    • Pay-per-click advertising
    • Search engine optimization
    • Social media (paid & organic)
    • Traditional advertising
  • Student Recruitment. Student recruitment can be a time- and labor-intensive process for institutions driving up student enrollment. XylaWorks has the programs to support student recruitment by managing an institutions social presence, sending emails, responding to students, helping with applications and informing students of important dates.
  • IT Support. We know time is critical and that technical problems can have a significant impact on the online teaching and learning experience. That's why our help desk solutions, along with our personalized and flexible technical support options, provide help when you need it most. Ineffective or non-existent student and faculty support systems can quickly offset the work you've done to build a highly engaging and educationally superior educational experience. Our support begins with the establishment of comprehensive help desk services. If something goes wrong, your students or faculty have someone to call to get things straightened out. Right from the very start, we're behind you.
  • Learning Management System Support. Getting your learning environment management (LMS) to communicate with your student information system makes tracking students, sharing data, and retaining student information easier. When we work with your existing infrastructure, our goal is to ensure that your students, faculty, and administrators have an easy-to-access support system. We can make learning and management systems more effective by strengthening an existing process to provide enhanced levels of service.

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