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Research shows many CEOs and Senior Executives feel their Strategic Plan contains solid analysis and best intentions, but that it does not have the necessary linkage points to be able to translate Strategy Into Action . In fact, a number of business leaders have stated that they feel that year upon year their organisation is no closer to realising their strategic goals.

XylaWorks has assisted hundreds of organisations to go through a better process to create a highly meaningful and pragmatic strategy, supported by strategies that will endure and tactics which can be dynamically adjusted. Our Business Planning for SMB process then provides added detail.

You benefit from our practical knowledge which creates a very high degree of integrity between Strategic Planning, Performance Measurement, and the identification of a portfolio of projects that will collectively deliver your strategic goals.

XylaWorks Strategy consultants are specialists in Strategic Planning, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Execution, Research, Facilitation, Performance Measurement, and Organizational Transformation. We provide leading edge research and frameworks that are simple to understand and that provide genuine visibility for executives on what needs to be done.

XylaWorks can quickly help you create the right strategy and business plan for you whether it is at Enterprise, Operations, or a functional area.

Top 3 Secrets for success

  1. Ensure you have tight coupling between your Strategic Plan, Performance Scorecard, and the selection of your Strategic Portfolio of programs and projects (as this is the primary way to deliver strategy).

  2. Create a Customer Strategy within your Strategic Plan. Your Customer Strategy will define how to leverage the two-way value exchange between you and your customers (that is, how customers gain value from your products/services, and which customers represent the best value to you).

  3. Understand that your Strategic Plan will need to adapt during the process of execution as industry dynamics change and customers’ needs continue to evolve. Make sure the decision-making process you use - to allow emergent strategy in and drop other components of your planned strategy - still ensure to move towards the realised strategy you want.

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