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Marketing Automation

As customers become more empowered, and as businesses strive to better understand their customers, marketing automation tools are also becoming more advanced. Even with a properly utilized CRM system, marketing departments can miss insightful data about what their prospects are looking for or talking about.

CRM systems as a stand-alone marketing tool are not built for marketing departments that proactively strive to achieve revenue and lead generation goals. However, marketing automation programs like Pardot, HubSpot and Marketo, offer advanced tools to manage campaigns, tweak or refine what's working and what's not, and better fill your sales pipeline. And the good news: marketing automation systems and Salesforce CRM can be integrated.

XylaWorks helps its clients successfully integrate marketing automation systems with salesforce automation solutions to:

  • Manage and track marketing campaign activity and leads
  • Automate large-volume email and other digital campaigns
  • Generate more qualified leads for sales teams
  • Acquire more customers and better retain existing ones
  • Effectively use customer insights about products or services
  • Examine feedback and behavioral information not always captured by the CRM system

If your business has considered adding marketing automaition to your marketing toolbox, contact XylaWorks today. We help clients find and implement the right software solutions for long-term marketing success.

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